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DIY 4-DOF Robot Kit- Sloth Learning Kit Programmable Dancing Robot Kit

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2. HUMANOID ROBOT – The cute bio robot walks with two legs, you can program it to change its gestures and directions, alternate speeds and legs ( left/right) 

3. LEARN TO CODE EASILY – You can learn how to code faster and easier than ever with visual programming language software, or Arduino code

4. OBSTACLE AVOIDING – With the help of its “eyes” (ultrasonic), it can avoid obstacles intelligently

5. EASY ASSEMBLE -The new generation learning kit is easier for kids to assemble with the detailed instructions


Package contains the following


4 x SF006C Servo
1 x Ultrasonic Module
1 x SunFounder Nano Board
1 x Expansion board
1 x Velcro Tape
1 x Mini USB Cable
1 x Battery buckle wire
1 x 4-Pin Anti-reverse Cable
1 x Phillips Screw Driver
1 x Cross Socket Wrench
10 x M1.5*5 Self-tapping Screw
6 x M1.4*8 Screw
12 x M2*8 Screw
18 x M3*5 Screw
8 x M3*8 Countersunk Screw
6 x M1.4 Nut
12 x M2 Nut
8 x M3 Self-locking Nut
4 x M3*8 Bi-pass Copper Standoff
4 x M3*25 Bi-pass Copper Standoff





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4DF Programmable Robot Toys

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14 Years & up

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4DF Programmable Robot Toys